Agnieszka Hekiert

Whenever I step on the stage, I simply feel fulfilled. The stage becomes my center of the world, just the right place to be in… …The place where my spirit can fly, my head can have a rest, and I can enjoy the flow of new energy. The more unexpected moments or challenges appear, the bigger my concentration and satisfaction get. Every human needs to be in this sublime state from time to time."



Moja nowa płyta
teraz dostępna – kliknij,
aby ją sprawdzić
I hereby entrust my third child to you. Soulnation is a story about us humans, our beautiful souls, and that we are all energetically connected, we all originate from one source. We were created as perfect beings, we are loved infinitely, and we always have the freedom to choose how we want to live.

"The good God came into this world, he created the work of many years in a few days. The beauty of the colors, then the vastness of the water, the indestructible land, finally the ice."


We inspire and we are inspiration.
"When the heart creates, the blood pulsates, and then your soul is likely to travel in the magnificence that is your guide."
... let's never stop creating, expressing ourselves.


We also like to complain about the weather and yet is "
… Rain beauty, rain life"

... nothing would have grown without rain.


tells of a connection, a great, timeless love. 

LULLABY (dla Sakiko)

tells of children who are loved very much, although sometimes they are not with us.

If it is true that we get our earthly costume for about 100 years and then return to the source, then I want to live today without nervousness, without anger, without bad thoughts and without feeling superior. I want to connect with you here on earth and be happier every day. We all perfect from te very day of creation, let us notice this beauty, send a smile, love the rain. Let's make our reality PARADISE ON EARTH. 

"Greatness, that is YOU and your whole life" 

Dołącz do moich warsztatów, na których uczę Bobby’ego Ferrins’a Circle-Singing-Methode w moich wysoce profesjonalnych Warsztatach Wokalnych i Chóralnych.