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"Stories" with the participation of outstanding musicians ( including Krzysztof Herdzin on the flute) are a few stories about passing, about open windows, distance to great matters, about life, its intransigence and beauty. The album is an amazing combination of Slavic melancholy with Balkan energy. The musicians' virtuosity (great solosos by the Bulgarian pianist Konstantin Kostov and the bassists Robert Kubiszyn) are combined with Agnieszka's beautiful, deep voice, her unbelievably light movement along the scale and her energetic improvisations. The voice of Kuba Badach in the song "If only" and the flute, played by K. Herdzin in the song "Prabhakar", adds to the whole.

The album is dedicated to friends and relatives who left: Piotr, Irena, Julka, Zbigniew.

Agnieszka Hekiert - vocals Konstantin Kostov - piano Robert Kubiszyn - double bass, bass guitar Cezary Konrad - drums

featuring: Krzysztof Herdzin - flute Atom String Quartet Kuba Badach - vocals

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